Live Your Story

We help organizations create a story-making culture

Narrative Communications is a brand storytelling studio that harnesses the power of story and ceremony to create inspired content and engaged communities. Storytelling is the best way to build an authentic brand, connect people, and build leadership. We look one step further and help our clients create a story-making culture by looking to ceremony and ritual to live their story every single day.

There's Story Telling and then there's Story Making.

“Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes.” 

Meg Wheatley

It’s one thing to create a brand story – it’s another to live that story and encourage it to evolve. Storytelling is about listening and gathering perspectives, digging deep to create a story map to draw from. Story-making is about igniting meaningful conversations on an ongoing basis, and supporting a culture where stories can be openly shared and felt.

Story-making needs an environment where stories can be voiced and appreciated, where vulnerability is praised and connections are formed…and it begins with ceremony.