Storytelling + Ceremony = Story Culture

Storytelling has always been about listening. You create space for stories to be told, and you create space for stories to be heard. There is no storyteller without a story listener. When organizations want to shift or grow their culture, when they want to create an environment where stories are freely shared, they need to create a container for those stories to be told and heard.

We believe that the best way to create a story-making culture is by introducing ceremony and ritual into the business setting. This can look different for each organization, but at the core of this notion is that ceremony helps creates the container for stories to be shared and change to begin. Our role is to come into your organization and understand your story – not just who you are or what you do – we want to know why you matter to each person who works for you, each client who hires you, each colleague who refers you. We want to know about the future story you are inspired to write. Once we start to feel your future story, we can help you step into it by introducing daily rituals and ceremonies that represent that story.

From how you hire to how you fire, how you gather in the morning to how you leave at the end of the day, how you launch and how you fail. There are so many opportunities to bring ceremony into the business setting because ceremony creates culture. What kind of culture do you want to create? What ceremonies or rituals are you doing to support that cultural development? If you have to write your values on the wall and remind people what they stand for, you’re not living your story. A story is an ecosystem, constantly growing and evolving. A story needs room to shift and shape itself. With each person that steps into or out of your business, the story bends accordingly.

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