“When you have grown a business and put your heart and soul into its every step, it becomes a very difficult feeling to describe. Megan has allowed us to share in words what twenty years of fitting one woman at a time has become.  The entire experience has been not only very necessary, but incredibly empowering!”  Amie Heenan (Melmira Bra and Swim)

“The Brand Story is amazing.  It’s so beautifully written and captures the heart and soul of what we are doing.  I feel like you have magically created exactly what I want to say.  Thanks so much for listening and interpreting and improving.  I honestly love every single word.”  Maureen Webb (Project Limelight)

“Megan Sheldon is a gifted writer and storyteller who is able to weave fragments of history, experiences and facts in a way that draws the reader into the essence of an organization.  Megan’s collaborative and inquisitive approach and her keenness to capture the heart of the story made our work together a joyful and rewarding experience.” Ann de la Hey (Sarah McLachlan School of Music)

“Storytelling has always been a part of what I do, but I was having difficulty putting my passion into words. Working with Megan helped me understand how important it is to have someone outside your business look in on what you are doing, ask questions, listen, and then weave together the different points of view to create a single Brand Story. Now when we talk about our business, we share the same story, and our customers learn to retell that story, creating brand awareness. With everything we do moving forward, we look to the Brand Story to make sure we are headed in the right direction.” Brent Comber (Brent Comber Studio)