A story-making culture.

A story-making culture is when honour the stories being told each and every day. We work with our clients to develop a strategic brand narrative that weaves together all of the different voices inside and outside the organization, and then we help them live that story by finding ways to shift behaviour through ceremony and ritual.

Story Harvesting

We begin with a Storytelling Workshop to understand the history, opportunities, and vision of your organization. We then facilitate Story Chats where we gather themes and threads from inside and outside the organization, including the leadership team, staff, clients, stakeholders, and community supporters.

Story Weaving

We craft your Story Themes to ensure we have identified the key elements of your story and the structure of your narrative arc. We then develop your Brand Narrative, a story-based manifesto that captures the who, what, and why of your organization. This acts as the blueprint for your story-making culture and your content strategy.

Story Making

Finally, we craft a Story Making Plan to weave your Brand Narrative into your online and offline communities. We identify ways to strengthen your culture by focusing on story-making instead of story-telling. We facilitate retreats, workshops, and Business Ceremonies to grow your story culture.