Walking the Hill

In Irish mythology, there is an ancient tale that when two people fall in love and decide to commit their lives to each other, they meet at sunrise on either side of a hill. They then walk up that hill separately, considering everything that makes them who they are. They think about their hopes and […]

Art Show @ the HiVE

Abstract Landscapes: Paintings by Gina Leon When: Tuesday October 16th  530pm – 730pm Where: 128 West Hastings (Vancouver) I first met Gina Leon almost 25 years ago; she had just moved in down the street from my family and our parents became friends. Gina is from Johannesburg, South Africa and her family moved to Vancouver […]

Talking to Strangers

Stranger Danger!! I shudder to think there are still parents teaching their children not to talk to strangers. Yes, we need to educate our youth and teach them about safe behaviours, but ignoring or avoiding people we don’t know is not the answer.  Isn’t there a saying that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t […]