Stories are powerful connectors; they allow us to see ourselves in other people’s experiences and to share our own perspectives. Stories build bridges.”

Megan Sheldon is a Brand Strategist & Cultural Mythologist. With over 15 years of experience working in Journalism, PR and Marketing, Megan combines her communications skills with her passion for mythology by combining the concepts of storytelling with strategy. She uses story to help propel business forward.

Megan Sheldon

“When I was young, I was drawn to stories and myths from cultures around the world.  I loved knowing that these stories had likely been told thousands of times, by different people, and each time the story would take on the personality of the storyteller. We all inject ourselves into the stories we tell – it is our way of connecting with those words.

After years of working in Marketing and Advertising, I decided to pursue my passion for storytelling by moving to Edinburgh, Scotland to complete a Masters in Mythology. I immediately saw the connection people have toward storytelling and I wanted to find a way to use the tools and techniques used in narrative practices to build strong campaigns and lasting brands.

I have worked with people and businesses around the world in different industries – and everyone is trying to define or redefine what they do. I now know that the best way to get your message across is to tell stories that help people connect with who you are, what you believe in, and why this work is important. I launched Narrative in January of 2010 with a vision of helping people uncover the stories and experiences that make them unique, and then find a way to bring those stories to life.”