I first started working with Melmira Bra & Swimsuits 4 years ago; I knew the four sisters running the business, a business their mother started in 1992, and when they reached out wanting help crafting their future story, I knew it was a perfect fit. After spending time with the five Heenan women, I then reached out to their staff, their customers, their suppliers and their friends to gain a deeper understanding as to what was behind the ‘Melmira Magic’.

Once I had all of those stories harvested, I set out to create a Brand Narrative that encompassed the many ways people experienced their store, both in person and online. It became clear that Melmira was a place you grew with – they weren’t focused on one demographic or one kind of person – they were attracting a wide array of women, many of whom were going through their own journeys. From aging to empty-nesting, breast cancer to corporate demands, starting out a career to entering puberty, each woman I spoke with had a personal connection to the Melmira story.

And so, we set out to craft an illustrated book that showcased the many journeys of the Melmira woman, and we drew out stories and mantras associated with each stage. I enlisted the support of two fantastic entrepreneurs, Lisa Hemingway of Backyard Creative, who designed the book, and Marina Billinghurst who brought each story to life through her illustrations. The result was phenomenal – a book you can read as you sit in their beautiful fitting rooms awaiting the coveted Melmira experience. I came up with a tagline for their narrative – The Art of Fitting – as that’s how they make each woman feel, like a work of art.

It truly was a magical experience – just like Melmira!













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