We help you create a Story-Making Culture. 

What is a Brand Mythology? Your Brand Mythology is the way that people connect with who you are, what you do and, most importantly, why you do it. It is the culture of your organization. Your custom Brand Narrative will invite people to experience the many facets of your business, giving them insight into who you truly are. This is pivotal when developing materials such as website content, fundraising materials, social media strategy and employee engagement.

1. Story Harvesting

We begin by performing a communications audit to determine the perspectives needed to craft a complete story experience. We then facilitate a ceremonial story session with a series of workshop rituals, as well as story chats with staff, clients and stakeholders.

2. Story Weaving

The second phase involves crafting a Themes & Threads summary to ensure we have identified the key elements of your story. Following this, we develop your Brand Narrative, a story manifesto that captures the roots, essence and vision of your organization and acts as the blueprint for building your story culture.

3. Story Planting

Finally, we craft a strategic plan for unveiling the Brand Narrative across various channels, online and offline, as well as within your organization. We then collaborate with our network of creatives to craft inspired content and facilitate additional story workshops to engage your team.