What We Offer

We work with people who are doing good things in the world and value the people that surround them. From solopreneurs to start ups, small to mid-sized businesses, social ventures to non profits, our goal is to help values-based organizations shine their light even brighter.

Our main focus is to dig into the stories that surround your business by hosting and facilitating  custom workshops, retreats and  interviews to understand the many different perspectives your brand takes on. We engage your staff, your clients, your supporters and your community to understand the roots of your business and your vision for the future. We weave all of that into a Brand Narrative, which becomes the collective language for your organization made up of many different voices. We then help you identify ways that you can then share that story with others and integrate it into the work that you do.

In addition to our Brand Narrative process, we also offer custom workshops to empower your team to better understand the business story and the role they play in it. Narrative practices are also excellent ways to identify obstacles, mediate conflict or tension, and engage employees to create a powerful employee culture. Our services include:


Brand Narrative Development
Strategic Planning & Visioning
Communications & Marketing Strategy


Content Curation
Marketing Materials & Collateral
Visual Brand Guidance


Corporate Board Engagement
Team Building Story Workshops
Live Presentations & Keynotes