As the clock struck midnight in Stockholm, I found myself reflecting on a year that exceeded all expectations. At the beginning of each year, I create a vision board that helps me visualize what I want my life, and my business, to look like…and 2011 will go down as the Year of the Story – literally!


When I decided to pursue a Masters in Mythology, I did not foresee it playing a huge role in my career. Rather, I thought it would help me build my own story, introducing me to new concepts, people and ways of life. And again, when I ventured to West Africa to work with young girls on accessing their story, I did not necessarily see the correlation between my passion for storytelling and my background in marketing.

My vision for 2010 focused on launching a business that helped people find the stories that made their business unique. After working in the Ad world, I also wanted to focus on balancing the important areas of life, including my relationships and my connection to my community.

My vision for 2011 was all about Story! I wanted to expand my client base and work with businesses that were socially driven and community minded. Not only have I found an office space (, and joined a board of directors (, I have also expanded my story writing business to include full branding and marketing capabilities for my clients including visual branding, websites and story videos.


I am a strong believer that if you can imagine it, it will happen. The best way to solidify a dream is to manifest it into something that you see everyday. My vision boards serve to remind me of what I am after in life, while encouraging me to reflect on my accomplishments and my obstacles.

Now to start planning Vision 2012…oh the wonders that will be!