Capilano's Cliffwalk


Growing up on the North Shore, Capilano Suspension Bridge was a place that many of us felt connected to but rarely visited ourselves. Sure, we suggested each out-of-town guest make the drive up Capilano Road to take in the beauty of our natural rainforests and the excitement of the swaying bridge, but I don’t think any of us realized just what an amazing place Capilano really is.

Almost four years ago, Capilano Suspension Bridge asked me if I could help them tell their story within the park. I spent many hours researching interesting facts and figures that might engage guests on their walk through the forest and ultimately came up with dozens of story signs that are now strategically placed throughout the park, encouraging guests to pause and reflect on the world around them.

The Making of Cliffwalk

During this time, Jonathon Litchfield, Manager of Branding and Design, told me about Capilano’s vision to build a new attraction. As he described it to me I nodded, not realizing the scale of this project or the logistics of building a walkway along the side of a massive cliff. He also said that they wanted this new attraction to tell a story: the story of water.

I then approached experts in various fields, including the David Suzuki Foundation, to help inform me on what the role of water really is in the rainforest. In the end, we came up with a story that the guest reads as they walk through the attraction, emerging them in the journey of water. It was an inspiring project that satisfied my inner research-nerd while also allowing me to take a concept and weave it into a story that not only provides factual information, but also an emotional connection to the beauty and wonder of the forest.

A Story Sign

If you are in the Vancouver-area, I strongly urge you to visit Cliffwalk and experience the story of water.