To launch the City of Vancouver Community Plans, I will be curating four neighbourhood storytelling events in the following communities:

1. Marpole – May 1st at Metro Theatre
2. West End – May 10th at Denmen Theatre
3. Grandview Woodland – May 11th at The Wise Hall
4. Downtown Eastside – TBD

Each celebration will explore the richness of each neighbourhood and frame the conversations for community planning moving forward. Each event will be a neighbourhood gathering filled with local stories by local residents and featuring local entertainment.

I am looking for residents of each of the four communities who would like to share a personal story that depicts an experience they have had in their neighborhood, specifically around housing and community. These experiences should capture a memory that relates to the idea of “Home” including:

1. The history of the area – exploring the roots of each community
2. A time when you met someone who changed your impression of the neighbourhood.
3. An experience trying to find a home (house, apartment, purchase or rental).
4. A place or building in your community that holds a special memory for you.
5. What home meant to you when you were young.
6. How your neighbourhood has changed over the years.
7. What elements factor into your view of the perfect home or neighbourhood.
8. How you imagine your neighbourhood in the future.

Stories will be posted online so that we can build a legacy of community story-telling for all.

If you are interested in being a part of a special night of storytelling by sharing your story, or know of someone who might, please let me know.

Many thanks!