A Rose By Any Other Name…

In this day and age, naming what we do can often be the hardest aspect of our work. We are, after all, wearing so many hats that it can be challenging to bundle everything up into a nice, pretty package that people understand. When I first decided to plunge into the entrepreneurial world, I knew […]

The Art of Listening

I’m a talker; always have been. Growing up, I was never shy when it came to speaking my mind, and I sure did love an audience! I remember competing in a french public speaking contest in Grade 6 at UBC. I must have been nervous – there were over 500 people in the audience – but as […]

An Archetypal Analysis

When I first learned about the importance of archetypes, I was amazed at how quickly everything seemed to click. My interest in mythology was now applicable to my work in branding and marketing. I began to understand the wisdom these universal, iconic figures held and wanted to find a way to tap into that power […]

The Roots of Narrative

When I first started at McGill University, I wanted to be a journalist. I loved the idea of interviewing people and sharing in their experiences. I was also drawn to adventure, and in my mind a journalist was a modern day action hero. However, after taking several courses, I realized that the confines of traditional […]