Performing Artists in Vancouver

When I was growing up, I loved to perform. From public speaking contests and piano recitals to community plays and school performances, I was given the opportunity to express myself in so many different ways. For many kids, the performing arts means putting on a play in their backyard, or acting out in class and getting a few laughs. They often don’t have a place where they can go to learn their craft and share their passion.

I first met with sisters Maureen and Donalda last year at a french cafe to discuss their idea. They wanted to create a performing arts program where kids could come together and learn from professionals and from each other in a safe environment. The most amazing thing about their idea is that they wanted to offer these courses and workshops free of charge to children in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Maureen and Donalda grew up in East Vancouver, and Maureen’s first office was in the DTES, so they have a strong connection to this community.

Fast forward ten months, and via twitter we became reacquainted. Maureen and Donalda landed on a name for their project, yet they needed help building their story and launching their brand. Over the past two months, we have worked together to launch Project Limelight, a free performing arts program for kids. With the support of the Strathcona Community Centre, Project Limelight’s first session will commence January 28th 2012.

The website is now live! Visit Project Limelight to learn more.

A special thank you to my amazing team:

Robyn Haddow – Brand Identity
Elin Jonsson – Illustration and Visual Storytelling
Johan Hoglund – Website Development