When I first conceived of Narrative Communications, I had a lot of ideas on how to bring elements of storytelling into the business world. After working in the marketing & advertising world for years, I knew how to deliver successful campaigns, but I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to harness the power of storytelling and integrate the techniques I learned along the way into branding and marketing.

Fast forward 2 years and I am living my dream. My business is my passion; I no longer see the distinction between work to live and live to work – for me it is one and the same. I spend most of my time helping small businesses, artists and non profits figure out who they are and where they are going. I use storytelling to draw out people’s experiences with each company or organization, and then weave those stories into the brand.

For a while now, I have been meaning to redo my own website and capture the stories and experiences of my clients. Easier said than done! When your business is focused on marketing, branding and writing for other businesses, the last thing you have time for is marketing, branding and writing for your OWN business! Yet I know from experience this is the most important thing for a small business to focus on.

So I am chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole…

I am in the process of interviewing my clients, promoters, friends and family on their experience with Narrative and storytelling. Stay tuned! For now, please enjoy the latest fruit of my labour: my website. My first version (1.0) was designed, built and crafted from what I hoped my business would be. Now I have 2 legs to stand on and numerous happy clients and successful campaigns.