I admit, when I first met Corina Crysler my knowledge of skin health was limited. My skin care routine consisted of face wash, moisturizer, and occasionally sun block. As I started to learn more, I was amazed at how skin can be an indicator of our general health and well-being. I was also amazed at the stories I started to collect from people who had overcome major health challenges by paying more attention to their skin. It is, after all, our largest organ.

Corina is the founder behind GliSODin Skin Nutrients (GSN), a Canadian product line of ingestible pills and powders made from all natural ingredients that results in healthy, glowing skin. GSN actually improves our quality of life by increasing the levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant that is already produced in our body but decreases as we age. By boosting SOD levels, GliSODin Skin Nutrients not only increases general health, it also nourishes and protects our skin from damage and the effects of aging.

GliSODin was discovered in 1980, when melon growers accidently created a cantaloupe melon with a shelf life almost four times longer than regular melons. After extensive research, it was discovered that these melons contained much higher levels of SOD. The SOD was then extracted and coated with a patented protective system developed in Paris, France by Francois Vix, a veteran of the skincare and beauty industry. Francois partnered with Canadian nutritional and health expert Corina Crysler who then began formulating GliSODin Skin Nutrients in Canada, where strict regulations on natural health products ensure that each product is of the highest standards.

The natural ingredients in the GliSODin skin product line are not easily consumed through diet since they are usually found in fruit skins or peels, seeds, roots and bark. Most antioxidants that we consume are given to us in small doses, and it can be overwhelming to take the many recommended supplements and vitamins on the market. Each GSN product provides us with the nutrients required to feed our skin from the inside out.

Nutricosmetics are fast becoming an important component of skin care in North America as we begin to understand the direct effect that nutrition has on our appearance, as well as our health and well-being. I now see my skin as a way of addressing my entire body. If my skin is dry, my entire system is likely dehydrated and krill oil could help fix that. If my skin is splotchy and uneven, some lemon balm might help soothe my system. If I injure myself or need surgery, I know that gotu kola seeds will promote healing and speed up my recovery.

Luckily I don’t need to scour the farmer’s market searching for krill oil, lemon balm and gotu kola seeds!

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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Corina and she is such a warm soul and I love her passion for her business and I think what she is educating us about is great, thanks for sharing this Megan.